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$AMC and $GME Meme Coins Shine on Solana: A Nod to the 2021 Meme Stock Movement - More Than a Coin, It's a Movement of the People

  • Grand News Network
  • February 15, 2024


$AMC and $GME Meme Coins Shine on Solana: A Nod to the 2021 Meme Stock Movement - More Than a Coin, It's a Movement of the People


NYC, United States, 15th Feb 2024, King NewsWire - In a captivating turn of events, meme coins $AMC and $GME independently venture into uncharted territory on the Solana blockchain. Celebrated for their spirited and community-centric approaches, both coins are gaining attention for their unique presence.

$AMC, known for its lighthearted nature, and $GME, paying homage to GameStop, creatively explore the meme coin space on Solana. The blockchain's efficiency becomes the stage for these meme coins, echoing the 2021 meme stock movement that unfolded just a few years ago.

Beyond financial metrics, the comparison underscores the undervalued potential of $AMC compared to $GME. Despite sharing the spotlight on Solana, metrics suggest $AMC is trading at a lower valuation. This undervaluation invites people to explore the growth potential of meme coins within the crypto market.

It is important to note these meme coins aren't affiliated with the actual companies they represent but instead pay homage to the iconic 2021 meme stock movement. While both $AMC and $GME echo the spirit of decentralization, reminiscent of the pushback against big institutions that defined the meme stock movement three years ago, it's important to note that $AMC stands as a truly community-driven and organic force.

One community member passionately expressed, "This coin is too big to let die; it's bigger than just a coin, it's a movement. A movement saying we've had enough, enough with the bad actors in the space, enough with the influencers hyping up a coin using people for their exit liquidity... this is the people's movement, our way of saying enough is enough, and this is the people's coin."

Key metrics offer depth to $AMC's journey on Solana. The coin boasts a fully community-driven presence — no extravagant marketing, just pure organic growth. At its zenith, $AMC rallied a community of over 6,000 holders, creating a vibrant ecosystem. The total volume exceeded an impressive 60 million, and the market cap soared to over 10 million, reflecting robust community backing.

The vibrancy of the $AMC community sets it apart. Highly active on Twitter, this community is a digital force, driving conversations and engagement. Exclusive weekly cinema reviews and movie streaming, unique to $AMC, add a special touch, blending meme coin enthusiasm with a love for cinema. Moreover, the commitment to continuous interaction is exemplified by the $AMC Telegram group's 24/7 open voice chat, a feature present since the community's inception.

The $AMC Telegram group, thriving with over 3,500 members, vividly portrays the grassroots journey of $AMC. From day one, community members united initiated this endeavor after the projects were abandoned by its creator, truly leaving it in the hands of the community. Undeterred, the community faced the challenge of building a new Twitter and website with remarkable determination, following the abandonment of the initial project. Remarkably, despite the absence of initial marketing capital akin to $GME, $AMC not only overcame these hurdles but also surpassed milestones. The recently revamped Twitter has witnessed significant growth, breaking above 1700 followers just this past week, underscoring the authentic grassroots support fueling $AMC's ascent.


$AMC and $GME Meme Coins Shine on Solana: A Nod to the 2021 Meme Stock Movement - More Than a Coin, It's a Movement of the People


This acknowledgment of undervaluation has ignited enthusiasm within the $AMC community, evident in increased interest and engagement. Independently, $AMC is embarking on a new chapter, illustrating that even in the playful token world, there's room for unexpected evolution.

As $AMC ventures into this new chapter with Solana, people will be closely watching how this unfolds. The undervalued nature of $AMC adds an intriguing layer, making this acknowledgment a captivating development within the ever-evolving crypto landscape, resonating with the spirit of the iconic 2021 meme stock movement.

The $AMC community, fervently calling for surpassing the market cap of the actual AMC stock, signals a potential shift in the perception of meme coins. The community's activities on Twitter, combined with unique cinema-related events and ever-open voice chats on Telegram, showcase a vibrant and dedicated community fostering a memorable journey for $AMC in the crypto universe.


$AMC and $GME Meme Coins Shine on Solana: A Nod to the 2021 Meme Stock Movement - More Than a Coin, It's a Movement of the People


In parallel, the $GME meme coin is carving its niche within the Solana blockchain, adding to the collective narrative of homage to the 2021 meme stock movement. This iteration of the meme stock movement, represented by $AMC and $GME meme coins on Solana, holds a unique promise. It serves as a possible second chance for those who might have missed the initial AMC and GME movements.

This time around, the buy button remains firmly in the hands of everyday people. The power to redefine the narrative and chart the course of these meme coins is, quite literally, in the hands of the people, signaling a new chapter in the ongoing saga of the meme stock movement.

Consider watching "Dumb Money" as you explore the world of meme stocks on Solana, to gain deeper insights into this evolving movement. 

For those eager to delve deeper into this vibrant community and its exciting journey, visit $AMC on Solana Telegram (,

 follow them on Twitter 

(, and explore their website ( This is an opportunity to join the conversation and be part of the evolving saga of meme stocks on Solana.


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